What is Life-casting ?

Life casting is an exciting artistic pursuit. Life-casting allows creation of exact body reproduction, which have artistic and personal value.

It is what the artist does with that mould – how it is posed, how it is cast, the story that is told about the finished piece completes the answer. It is an emotional expression of the model. Every piece will have its own story, unique to the owner.

To an amateur life-caster the art is also about realistic preservation. It is a means of creating a lifelong memory of a relative or loved one. Baby hands, or feet of a child in a ballet slipper, the hands of two lovers, the hands of a family gathering, are all very precious to those who have made them.

It is different than a painting or a sculpture. It has actually touched the person that it represents, evoking more emotion and more sentiment than any other art form.

Perhaps the better definition is that it is an art form by itself for the artistic preservation of the memory of the model that is was moulded from or an emotion evoking piece so real that the fingerprints are evident.

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