Casting with D-R

This was fun. She needed the cast for a college exhibition.

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Pregnancy Casts

We decided that we needed a pregnancy cast to help promote our store stock. What better way than to have a life size, striking pregnancy cast ! This posed an interesting problem..... How does one approach someone, saying " May I please cast your belly to display in shops?"..... that's just very awkward!! Well, we did as the uncomfortable question. a few gave strange looks, but one very brave lady, kindly agreed. To put her at ease, I insisted that she bring along people who she trusts. I thought this was going to be a girly party, but when I arrived, with my whole craft kit, I was greeted by her boyfriend and bouncing teenage cousin. After some re-adjustment, we finally had her comfortable and i got to work. The process is not comfortable for a mom to be, especially at [...]

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Value is energy

As we all know from high school, energy can only be converted from one form to another. Some of these forms are useful others are not. It is up to us humans to find ways to convert the energy into a useful form. If we apply the same logic to value we can find the same wisdom. Value in business is a lucrative substance that is difference defined by each person. In the business world the normal concept is that value must be created for the client. All agree that when a client experience value, he/she will convert that value into a monetary form for the business, which can use it again to create further value for the client. Just in this explanation the circle of value is obvious? What I query of this model is where does the first step [...]

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What is a craft

Craft is a starting place, a set of possibilities. It avoids absolutes, certainties, over-robust definitions, solace. It offers places, interstices, where objects and people meet. It is unstable, contingent. It is about experience. It is about desire. However it turns out, it is beautiful. Practice builds experience. This has happened to me a couple of occasions, for various reasons. (I may have over-mixed, taken too long, or the child may not be willing, or scared) Now, I laugh, and make another appointment. These things happen. Why do you think a doctor calls his profession a practice... scary thought! It’s the same with crafting. Each thing that may go wrong could be a discovery to something fantastic. I had to go through many stages while developing the method, and then the kits. I made loads of mistakes, and still do. Those mistakes [...]

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Dreams for kids

We all have dreams for our children. We would all like to see them achieved something we ourselves were not able to. There comes a time, that we pause to reflect on our little ones, and who they really are. It may be at 2am, while changing a nappy, or breastfeeding. Sometimes that moment is forced on us, through illness or death. It’s then that we are able to see a child who is content to just wiggle his or her toes. In that moment, the little one is happy and enjoying life. We might realise that we have been caught up in dreaming of his or her future, instead of being part of just “wiggling toes” and being happy for that moment. I like to find those moments in life, and get immense joy from them. I tend to have [...]

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Disaster cast

I scheduled another moulding session with my previous model. This was going to be plain sailing. I had challenged her, and she was game. We were going to create a masterpiece!!!! We decided on a pose, that involved her hair and one hand over her left breast, and her arm partially covering the right breast.Her other arm would be slightly open on her tummy. This was to be from over the mouth to just below the arm. Copious amounts of really expensive shampoo was used as a lubricant for the hair (Yep, I was reminded of how much it cost !!) And so we started. I had to give her privacy, so my girlfriend could pour the moulding gel over her chest. Then I stepped in, and started to work. The moulding gel turned out too runny, and was just going [...]

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Casting with “N”

I am posting this mini blog to show the incredible detail that is captured by our products. At a barbecue, recently, we decided to test some of the materials, and had an impromptu casting of "N's" face and hand. She really wanted to see the rings on her finger, and if they would come out, disolve, or have to be removed from her finger!!! As it turned out, she didn't have to remove them at all. No they didn't disolve or tarnish, either! To do her face, we cut out a paper plate, and greased up her eyebrows and eylashes. Then I proceeded to pur the moudling gel over her face, and quickly scoop the runs up, to make sure everything was covered. Then I put a plaster shell over the top. This girl is claustrafobic, apparently, but she managed incredibly [...]

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Casting with “C”

I approached a friend to model for a cast........ I think I was more nervous than she was, so I checked with her continuously to see if she would "chicken out", but no ! I was not getting out of it. When my model arrived (early), we spoke about a few possible poses and decided on one. So, what we decided was to mould half her face, chest and tummy, with her arms more or less raised above her head (horizontally, of course). We taped a black bag around her waist to protect her clothes and she assumed the pose over a beanbag. And so we began. I whipped out a can of pan spray (in SA we call it 'Spray and Cook'- not to push any brands !) and put a liberal coating of it over her bra. I took [...]

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